Conscious care

The story behind pureness baby

As parents, we understand that little changes can have a big impact.

Like the change this new little addition has wrought on your household, a few simple swaps can make a positive difference – equating to a safer solution for your baby’s skin and a more sustainable solution for our planet.

The Pureness Baby family set out to create our pure and plant-based wipes with this sentiment in mind. When we became parents, we became hyper-aware and conscious of the choices we were making. We’ve extended this care to the approach we’ve taken here too.

We know that what we choose to leave out (of our products, and our lives) is as important as what we include, which is why you won’t find any harsh chemicals in Pureness Baby wipes. We’re proud to have created an option for parents who want to make conscious decisions too, as they gently care for their little loves’ skin right from the beginning.

In the spirit of little changes that can have a big impact we’ve partnered with Ecologi, which sees us donating a portion from every pack sold to plant trees and reduce climate change. It’s another conscious decision that enables us to preserve the planet as best we can for our children’s futures and for the generations that follow.



It’s not just your family that’s growing! With Pureness Baby, you’re also helping us to grow trees too!

We believe in leaving only the tiniest baby footprints – as little environmental impact as possible – so that future generations can enjoy our precious planet. That’s why every pack of Pureness Baby wipes sold contributes to fund climate action projects and plant trees through Ecologi.

Ecologi was founded in 2019 and since then has been mobilising passionate people to collectively reverse climate change. Already they have planted 41.5 million trees and seen a reduction of 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 through their active members like us.

We know your littlest love is already having a big impact on your household. Now they can help you make an impact on our planet too.

So far, we have planted 5,000 trees and we hope to give back to the environment through your on-going support.

Eczema Association of Australasia (EAA)

Pureness Baby is a proud sponsor of the Eczema Association of Australasia (EAA), a non-profit organisation who have been bringing community support, awareness and advocacy to the management and treatment of eczema since 1994.

Now we’ve joined their mission. Pureness Baby wipes have been specifically developed with the most delicate and sensitive skin in mind. They’re dermatologically-approved and pH-balanced to ensure gentleness and safe use for even the most susceptible skin.

Together, we understand that a little tenderness and care goes a long way.